Obama Supports Gay Marriage


Obama Supports Gay Marriage



For the first time in the history of the United States … the sitting President has endorsed gay marriage.

In an interview with ABC News, President Barack Obama said, “I think same sex couples should be able to get married.”

Obama Supports Gay Marriage

Obama explained, “I have to tell you that over the course of several years as I have talked to friends and family and neighbors when I think about members of my own staff who are in incredibly committed monogamous relationships, same-sex relationships, who are raising kids together, when I think about those soldiers or airmen or marines or sailors who are out there fighting on my behalf and yet feel constrained, even now that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is gone, because they are not able to commit themselves in a marriage, at a certain point I’ve just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married.”

The statement comes just days after Vice President Joe Biden threw his support behind gay marriage … which seemingly forced the President to address the issue he had skirted throughout his presidency.

Article by TMZ Staff.

OK, fine great and well done president Obama, hopefully I’ll get a little traffic juice from your announcement LOL..
Anyway my video above kind of says it all..

PS – whether you’re gay, straight, yellow, blue or green don’t be a wussy and just GET IN

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Obama Supports Gay Marriage

Make Money Online Today


Make Money Online Today


Below is the transcript from the video I just made about Anthony Morrison’s training product Success with Anthony. In the video that you can see HERE Anthony conducts three live case studies with three pensioners with little or no online experience and shows them how to make money today. It’s pretty cool actually seeing these old guys tinkering away quietly then looking genuinely surprised and pleased as they see the money rolling into their accounts, Go Grandpa!! :)

It’s great to see ordinary people creating money pretty much out of thin air just by following some core principles and putting them into action.

Everyone wants to make money today and there are loads of programs, companies and opportunities out there to use as your vehicle to achieving success.

It’s the core principles and skills taught in the likes of Empower Network and Success With Anthony that really dictate whether someone will achieve their goal of online success. Obviously the ‘taking action’ part needs to be in place for the core principles to have any effect whatsoever.

Whatever you do you need to actually get going and keep moving. I’ve seen it too many times where people are getting ready to get ready.. Like Nike says.. Just Do It.. Make Money Today.

Next is the transcript from the video I made ‘Make Money Online Today’

Do not ignore the information in this video if you’re serious about making a significant income online.
My name is Martin Jones and I’ve recently come across a series of trainings by a guy called Anthony Morrison. This training module called Success With Anthony is proven, it’s been featured on CNN, it’s been featured on Fox News and in the training video I’ll direct you to after this video you’ll see absolute proof actual case studies in action how three elderly pensioners were able to generate income within their first hours of marketing online using the methods that Anthony teaches in Success With Anthony.

So what you need to do is click on the link beneath this video you’ll see a blue hyperlink beneath this video, click on that, you’ll be taken immediately to the very professional video presentation where you see Anthony Morrison go through a number of case studies with real live people and showing you exactly how they generated money online within the first few hours and I’m not talking about a few dollars.

I’m talking about hundreds of dollars within days and thousands of dollars within weeks so go and check out Success With Anthony, click on the link beneath this video and I’ll look forward to seeing you on the other side. Have a Great Day..

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and look at the video. I appreciate your interest. If you want to work with me and have access to all my strategies for generating income online then join me in Empower Network and I’ll give you access to my multiple online money making secrets I’ve developed over the years. Things that actually work and make money online today - JOIN HERE-
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Make Money Online Today

Top Online Business


I Found The Top Online Business

I’m pretty pumped right now and on top of the world as I’ve been implementing the lessons I’ve learned in the Empower Network training products and am getting videos ranked on Youtube like crazy.

An Example Of Why This Is A Top Business

Here’s and example. If you type in Top Business into Youtube. You’ll see there are about 50,000 results for that key word phrase. I got on that first page within 10 minutes of publishing the video below.

It’s really not that difficult and I can show you how very easily. In fact I will be putting some free instructional videos together soon to distribute to my team to assist them in their online business endeavors.


The really cool thing is that if you look at the the number of views other videos have had on that page you’ll see that it ranges from a few thousand to a lot of thousands. Ok some of those videos have been there 6 months, some have been there a couple of years but I plan on being around making videos and getting them ranked for quite some time.

I’ll create an army of videos doing the selling for me and directing people to my sales pages and you can do exactly the same to. Email me directly for specific guidance and you too can be on Youtube’s top 10 results for really cool key words in minutes.

Imagine having an army of videos out there, lets just say one a day for a year, that’s 365 video soldiers working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for years to come, all getting thousands of views! Wow!! thats pretty awesome.

Lets say each of those videos gets viewed 10,000 times over a 2 year period… That’s 3,650,000 views. And in the case of the video above, by people who have searched for  my key word or phrase Now that doesn’t suck!

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I’ll personally teach you how you can do the same as me in creating a video army that will rank on the first page of Youtube in minutes for cool key words like Top Online Business.

If you have specific questions about wanting to know more about how I do it then email me at mrjnews@gmail.com

I want you to consider the power of this once again. Whatever you are involved in, whether it be online, offline, conventional bricks and mortar or whatever, creating an army of videos selling your product or service being viewed by people specifically looking for what you are offering in the millions is surely going to increase your bottom line, right?

This is not difficult and I can teach you exactly how.

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Millions of people who are looking for your stuff viewing your products and services for free, no marketing costs… how cool is that?
No wonder people are calling this, and quite rightly so the Top Home Online Business of 2012 and beyond..

An update..

I just wanted to update this post regarding the top online business opportunity. And let you know about a video I made a couple of days ago regarding President Obama coming out (so to speak) and saying he supports gay marriage. I made the video to capitalize on the traffic I could obviously filter off to my video and expose my link and my message within the general bla bla bla about Obama.

It worked really well, within 24 hours of posting the video I’d had over 1,300 hit. Check out the video HERE

So thats over 1,300 set of eyeballs being exposed to my capture page and my message in the video

I did the same thing a week or so ago with the Mayweather v Cotto fight where I ended up with even more hits (boom boom) to my video. So learning this kind of stuff in the inner circle and the Costa Rica Intensive and the 15K per month formula is amazing.

I can now basically rank at will on Youtube and Google too.I have never heard or seen any other business online or offline that can top that, have you?

This is stuff that anyone can learn, anyone can implement really quickly to see their message, capture page, offer or whatever being exposed to thousand upon thousands of people totally free. On top of all that you get to earn 100% commissions through your online business too.

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My Top Online Business

A Better Breakfast


A Better Breakfast


Reinvent Breakfast by Dr. Frank Lipman


Dr. Frank Lipman is an acclaimed Integrative Physician and the founder and director of the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City. For over 20 years he has focused on sustainable wellness—instead of quick fixes—he offers patients a customized blend of Western medicine with acupuncture, nutritional counseling, vitamins and herbs, relaxation techniques, physical therapy, and bodywork. In 2010 he developed Be Well by Dr. Frank Lipman, a line of leading-edge supplements and kits to make healthy living easy for busy people. He is the author of Revive: Stop Feeling Spent and Start Living Again and Total Renewal: 7 Key Steps to Resilience, Vitality and Long-Term Health.

A Better Breakfast

Ken Robinson $16 House


Ken Robinson $16 House

Just made this video where I talk about a Texan called Ken Robinson who recently filed in a Texas court a one page document and paid $16 to take legal possession of a $340,000 luxury home complete with swimming pool in the back yard.

Ken Robinson $16 House


I think he has actually moved from the house now so not too sure it really worked out in practice but he is certainly making the most of the situation.

He has created a website where he sells an e-book for about $10 in which he teaches others how to become professional squatters basically, and file under the same law he filed under to take possession of empty houses. His website is HERE

In todays changing economy we will see more and more people decide to take control of their own lives and start using their imagination that has maybe been squashed for many years but now is being forced to come back into play, just as it was when we were kids and our imagination knew no limits.

More and more people are desperately looking for ways to create financial wealth and freedom as the job market diminishes and more and more families are left in the lurch as layoff after layoff brings families to their knees.

Ken Robinson would make an absolute fortune here at Empower Network. And yes, I am trying to connect with him. With his drive and imagination and obvious ability to create traffic he would absolutely kill it here at Empower.

If you happen to read this Ken hit me up on 512 487 7745 and we’ll have a chat LOL :)

The point being here is that what ever you have a passion for, whatever you want to blog about Empower Network is the perfect platform. The whole ethos behind Empower is to Empower people to achieve the things I just mentioned like financial freedom while doing something you love. Talking about what you are passionate about in your blog through, the written word, pictures and videos. All of which is taught inside the Empower Network.

I wrote a post yesterday and made a brief video talking about the Floyd Mayweather fight this weekend just gone and got over 700 views to that video in less than 24 hours and a truck load of new leads doing something very easy that I was taught within the 15K per Month Formula.

Kenneth Robinson took advantage of a little know law in Texas called ‘adverse possession’ or ‘adverse ownership’ and started a website and created an e-book on how to get a house for $16. Ken has a motto of ‘I am successful because I can see it no other way’and lives by the rule of ‘Always and forever, I AM nothing less but a whole lot more’

We don’t all have to do it like Ken Robinson but if you just blog daily with Empower Network and learn the tactics of driving traffic from inside the Empower Network training you can start your own home business, a make money home business, a real work from home opportunity blogging about anything you like and start making money fast.

About Ken Robinson
A former Marine, Mr. Robinson is a loving, family-oriented grandfather, who, in 2002, quickly became a millionaire from savvy real estate investments.

They say the rule is that true genius is rarely rewarded within its own lifetime. Well, Mr. Robinson is one of those exceptions that prove the rule! God has blessed us all with a true light.

Poised, measured, insightful and wise… we can all learn from Mr. Robinson, and ‘unlearn’ what we have been ‘taught.’ A good paradigm shift never hurt anyone!

Good Luck Ken Robinson, and thanks for the content :)JOIN EMPOWER HERE

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Ken Robinson $16 House

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